Rapid Evaluation of Performance Systems (REPS) for Counties Participating in the California Health Care Coverage Initiative

This project created a secure, password-protected web-based system for compiling and presenting both quantitative and qualitative data collected by the UCLA Center for Health Policy Research as part of its evaluation of the Health Care Coverage Initiative for the California Department of Health Care Services

Principal Investigator: Gerald Kominski, PhD
Funding: California Department of Health Care Services, The California Endowment, & California HealthCare Foundation
Report: The Rapid Evaluation of Performance System

In August 2005, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) approved $180 million over 3 years for the development and implementation of California's Health Care Coverage Initiative (HCCI) demonstration project through a §1115 waiver. HCCI was implemented from September 2007 through October 2010, and provided an expansion of health care coverage to eligible medically indigent adults. UCLA's Center for Health Policy Research working with CAMRI, assisted DHCS in its independent evaluation of the demonstration project by developing a secure, password-protected web-based communication system to aid in the evaluation and analysis of HCCI. The system collected data from participating counties as measures of performance and program outcomes. UCLA developed standard, pre-determined report formats for the data allowing for time trend analysis throughout the entire demonstration period.

The evaluation team compiled the data to provide HCCI implementation feedback to the counties, as well as to assist DHCS in meeting their reporting requirements to CMS. The system also allowed counties to post and discuss content regarding recruitment strategies, creation of disease management programs, and other implementation topics with each other. UCLA delivered quarterly reports based on the collected data and a final report discussing implementation process, barriers faced, county feedback, and overall success of the REPS system to DHCS.